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Yeisy Rojas' pays Homage to Cuban Roots with new album 'A Mis Ancestros'

Image: Yeisy Rojas' pays Homage to Cuban Roots with new album 'A Mis Ancestros'

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In the realm of music, where talent is the compass guiding artists through diverse genres and traditions, Yeisy Rojas stands out. From her humble beginnings at the age of 7, when she gained acceptance into Cuba's prestigious National Art School, to her current status as an award-winning musician, Rojas's journey is a testament to dedication, versatility, and an unwavering passion for music.

Rojas's musical odyssey commenced within the hallowed halls of the National Art School of Cuba, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of Western classical music. Over a span of 11 years, she honed her craft, eventually earning a coveted position as a violinist at the Opera House in Havana. Simultaneously, she lent her skills as an accompanying pianist to the National Ballet of Cuba. This period not only showcased her proficiency in classical traditions but also marked the genesis of her exploration into the rich tapestry of traditional Cuban music and Latin jazz.

Venturing beyond her Cuban roots, Rojas undertook a transformative journey to Norway, where she studied the realm of jazz violin at the Conservatory of Kristiansand. The subsequent five years, dedicated to a bachelor's and master's degree in Jazz violin, bore witness to the genesis of her own Latin jazz quartet. In this ensemble, she played the roles of a vocalist and composer, showcasing her multifaceted musical skills. The InterContinental Music Award for the 2023 Best of America Latin Folk is a testament to her exceptional talent. Additionally, the Los Angeles Film Awards bestowed upon her the accolade for the Best Song with "Mama Ines" in September 2023, further cementing her status as a notable figure in the global music scene.

Rojas's collaborative spirit is reflected in her associations with renowned artists such as Sturla Berg-Johansen, Frøydis Groud, Gaston Joya, Rodney Barreto, Tore Petterson, Rolando Luna, Yissy Garcia, and Adel Gonzales. Her repertoire extends to the prestigious Billboard "On The Radar, June 2023," where her single "Mama Ines" found its place among the top 9 singles, attesting to her ability to captivate diverse audiences. For those seeking an immersive experience into Yeisy Rojas's musical universe, her latest album, 'A Mis Ancestros,' is a definitive must-listen. Dedicated to her ancestors who paved the way, each track resonates with Latin Jazz brilliance that leaves audiences yearning for more. As the melodies unfold, the album becomes not just a musical journey but a homage to her heritage and roots.

Yeisy Rojas speaks about her latest project, “This is my first studio album and it is dedicated to the African ancestors who went to Cuba and left their legacy, religion and culture. I moved to Norway in 2016 to study jazz in Norway. (She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Jazz).  I was missing Cuba a lot, I felt lonely and a bit depressed. My medicine was to listen to Cuban music.  I remember being in the music history class and the teacher talked about the Cuban music. I noticed that I didn’t know much of my own culture. In Cuba we studied violin but we just focus on the western classical education. From that day I  began to investigate the history of Cuba. I wrote my master's thesis about the African influences in Cuba, and I began to listen to Irakere, and all of the revolutionary things they had done. I was excited to create something with my violin and my voice. It has been a long path of love, research, and reconciliation that has led to what this album is today.”

Yeisy Rojas stands as a beacon of musical ingenuity, and 'A Mis Ancestros' is a testament to her ability to weave a narrative through notes and melodies, honoring the past while beckoning the future. Keep your ears attuned, for Yeisy Rojas, we have a feeling that you will be seeing and hearing more about this talented artist.



A Mis Ancestros Track List

Mama Ines
Oh Felicidad
A Mis Ancestros 
Brisas de Invierno
Dulce Amanecer

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