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Yahya decribes the process of breaking free on Made it Out of Purgatory EP

Image: Yahya decribes the process of breaking free on Made it Out of Purgatory EP

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"Made it Out of Purgtory," the five track EP from New York based Sudanese American rapper Yahya, is intense. The EP's five tracks overflow with the realness of a man trying to deal with emotions and reality that he would rather forget. In fact, "Made it Out of Purgatory" addresses the themes of denial and confrontation frontally.

"Made it Out of Purgatory" comes out of the gate hard with the bitter "Lov3fly." On this song Yahya uses his guttural and pain soaked vocals to vent at a woman who let the love that he felt for her fly away.

The trap infused "Drowning In Your Love" finds Yahya expressing the suffocating consequences that come from putting up a front by focusing on positive memories instead of examining a relationship in its totality - both good and bad. That song can be viewed as song cycle along with the cut that it follows, "Reminisce," a song where Yahya sings about the virtue of denial. The pain in his voice betrays the fact that he does not really believe what he says.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his Made It Out Of Purgatory EP, Yahya says, “The overall theme of the story is release and growth, and the next album this EP leads us into will be the full exploration of this release of the old, and growth into the new with full confidence and faith that this is all meant for me, but it starts here on this project. The story is about me escaping from the destructive cycles that have kept me trapped, whether that was my emotions, my thought patterns, or just who I was allowing myself to be in my moments of weakness”.



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