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Wave Montega drops highly anticipated album Cartharsis

Image: Wave Montega drops highly anticipated album Cartharsis

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Catharsis is defined as process of releasing, and therefore finding relief from, strong or repressed emotions. And "Catharsis" the hard hitting, real and vulnerable album from rising Toronto rap star Wave Montega is an example of musical catharsis.

"Catharsis" is an exploding powder keg of strong and repressed emtions that flow from the pen and mouth of Montega. Over the course of the project's 16 tracks, Montega touches on a variety of topics that range from depression, relationship, betrayal and loss.

The reflective "Wanna Know" is an example of the deeper level thinking that Wave Montega displays on "Catharsis." Behind an infectious beat, Wave Montega raps about how his success does not insulate him from the pressures of being a Black man. He still must deal with random violence, White supremacy along with the pressure of being a dad, and all he wants is relief.

Wave Montega says this about the album.

“The album manifested itself through some of the hardships and tragedies I went through in the past 4 years. From losing people in my life to the Bando diaries, to past relationships. I got extremely vulnerable and transparent about how I deal with my pain and how it has affected me. Not having people to talk to during my worst times is what made me vent on these beats, with the music being my personal diary. From my darkness I was able to make a masterpiece. This is my catharsis”.