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Usher In Valentine's Day With Tebby's 'Love'

Image: Usher In Valentine's Day With Tebby's 'Love'

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With two songs circulating, "Feel Alright," and "Medicine" (a duet ft. Jeremih), singer/songwriter Tebby is releasing a 3rd song  "Love," the perfect song to add to your playlist for Valentine's Day.

"Love started out as a sad song, but mid-way through writing it, I had an epiphany to simply write about love itself,” shares Tebby.“There are too many sad songs about love, so I gave love a different spin and wrote a song that celebrates the feeling of finding true love."
"Love" is a smooth pop ballad that captures the thoughts and emotions present in the moment when you realize that you've found your perfect match. The lyrics, "When I look into your eyes, I know I'll never feel alone, They say home is where the heart is and darling my heart is where it belongs with your love. You're my very best friend and come what may, just know I'm here to stay and that will never change," are words that anyone who's ever truly been in love can relate to. 
"Love" releases Friday, February 1st, but start listening now, so you'll be singing along by Valentine's Day. Click below to listen! 

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