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Up and coming Afrobeats star Oluwahsoft won't let the negative kill his vibe on B.O.S.S.

Image: Up and coming Afrobeats star Oluwahsoft won't let the negative kill his vibe on B.O.S.S.

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Rising 18-year old Tornoto based Afrobeats star OluwahSoft believes that all music comes from one of two sources - love or hate. One might be fooled into thinking that the song B.O.S.S. (Blowing Off Some Steam) comes from love because of the musical arrangment that seems to float on an ocean breeze and the sweet backing vocals. However, that would be a mistake, according to OluwahSoft.

The song's inspiration comes from a much darker place. "The title track ‘B.O.S.S’ comes from a quite dark place, with the song addressing all the fake energy, faux love and envy around me at the time."

OluwahSoft is singing about breaking away from the negative energy and the haters living behind a facade to reach something real where he can free to become the best version of himself. Or as he sings in his buttery tenor: "Me just wanna live my life to the fullest.

OluwahSoft has definitely been using his music to live his life to the fullest. He came out strong with his infectious debut single ‘Body’ amassing nearly 100K plays, which was a massive achievement for the young up and coming artist.

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