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UK Top 5 Hot & New Pics: Oct 06th 2020

Image: UK Top 5 Hot & New Pics: Oct 06th 2020

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DJ TOP 5 Picks
DJ Tony F

DJ Tony F

Supreme FM

  1. Shay Lia - Irrational
  2. J darrius Forever
  3. Jessie Reyes -Intruders
  4. Marco Garcia - Looking For Something
  5. Jafunk ft Nic Hanson- Fool For You
Andy Tee

Andy Tee

Streetsounds Radio

  1. Myles Sanko –Freedom Is You
  2. Francisca Thomas Ft Incognito – Fall Into My Love
  3. Aaron Skyy –Tanite
  4. Tracy Cruz- Your Love’s Everything
  5. Sargent Tucker-Let’s Go Away


Sonic Stream

  1. Lukas Setto- Do it Again
  2. Durand Benarr -Curiosity Various
  3. Jarrod Lawson- Be The Change
  4. Debra Debs- Something to love
  5. Tanqueray Hayward -This Kind of love
Dj Bully

Dj Bully

Essence of Soul Radio

  1. Tracy Cruz –Your Love’s Is Everything
  2. Tanqueray Hayward – This Kind Of Love
  3. Rina Chanel- Made
  4. Zoe Kypri-Pleasures Mine
  5. Queen Ilise-Dreamin’
Roger Moore

Roger Moore

Starpoint Radio

  1. Tanqueray Hayward - This Kind Of Love
  2. Canita Ft Noel Gourdin - No Love (DJ Soulchild Remix)
  3. D.Folks - No One
  4. Gabrielle Current - Undercover
  5. Adesha - Satisfied With My Love