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TolumiDE - Beautiful

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Singer Songwriter TolumiDE, born in Toronto, raised in Lagos and currently in Washington - DC, announces the release of her new single "Beautiful." The Nigerian R&B artist, TolumiDE, has been captivating audiences since her
debut "My Love" album release in 2010 which brought a refreshing sonic cross-cultural blend of Afro-pop Inspiration and Neo-Soul. Influenced by acts within R&B, Gospel and Classic Soul genres such as Sade, Brandy, India.Arie, and Africa Pop stars as, Onyeka Owenu and Christy Essien Igokwe, TolumiDE (whose name translates as 'Thank God' in Yoruba) continues to soar as a female vocalist with a fresh ethnic sound.

TolumiDE's smooth vocals in "Beautiful" awakens the song with a soulful energy, synthesized bass and ethnic rhythm. She expresses the heartfelt characteristics of genuine friendship and love with English lyrics and the phrase "Ore Mi" which means 'My friend" in Yoruba language. There's a sense of joy and affirmation that makes it impossible not to sing along. Drawing inspiration from her personal experience, she shares, "I wrote the song feeling really grateful for my friends."

"Beautiful," the second single and follow up to her summer tune "Your Arms," is an enlightening expectation for TolumiDE's sophomore November 2019 album release "Suya Soul" - a phrase she coined to describe her endeavor to compliment soul music with her African heritage using bilingual lyrics and dynamic rhythms.  



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