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Tiffany Young Releases "Runaway" (Korean Remix) ft. Babyface & Chloe Flower

Image: Tiffany Young  Releases "Runaway" (Korean Remix)  ft. Babyface & Chloe Flower

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Pop artist, Tiffany Young, floats into the next chapter of her life with the release of her music video for "Runaway." This remix has an all-star lineup; with Korean verses and a Korean bridge written with Girls' Generation member Sooyoung Choi, featuring the classical piano arrangements of Asian American diva pianist Chloe Flower [pianist during Cardi B's Grammy performance], and vocals from the legendary Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds.

The sog is produced by The Rascals, arranged and executive produced by Kev Nish of the Far East Movement, and released on the label Transparent Arts. "This Remix collaboration is a musical dream for me, and I'm so honored to have the chance to work with such masterful and legendary musicians as Babyface, Chloe Flower, and The Rascals all on one song. Chloe Flower is an amazing representative for Asian American women in music, so it felt incredible to unite with her and release this on the last day of Asian Pacific American Heritage month." Tiffany states proudly.

The hot air balloon in this cinematic video is used to represent the journey into the next chapter of Tiffany's life. She further explains, "This was my first time flying in a hot air balloon, the basket is so much smaller in person than in the movies, so all I could imagine before we took off was me falling right out like a feather. The second I pulled the chain to fill the balloon with fire and we lifted off the ground, it was the first time I truly felt like I could fly. The hot air balloon represents the journey ahead, and fearlessness needed when flying into the unknown"

Watch the dreamy video below: