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The Urban Influencer Radio Episode 25: Steve & Evol

Image: The Urban Influencer Radio Episode 25: Steve & Evol

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Hello! Welcome to this week's episode of The Urban Influencer Radio. On this program, our host Kazu will be interviewing a variety of guests and showcase new music that we discovered! For this week's show, we are very excited to have Steve and Evol.

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Host/Producer: Kazu (IG: takebreakkazu) 

Executive Producer: Marv Mack


Steve is a stylistic blend of The Lonely Island, Jon Lajoie and Lil Dicky. Steve’s 6-song album 'Anxious Rapper' puts an incisively comedic spin on social anxiety, relationships, societal norms and Chipotle. Discussing these issues openly and honestly, Steve takes an unconventional, innovative and personal approach to his songs.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/1anxiousrapper/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/anxiousrapper/
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There is a new group of producers within the music industry, set to take things to new levels in 2018 and carve out lanes that completely defy all odds and limitations and LOVE spelled EVOL is definitely one of them! With a love of music from an early age EVOL grew up in the Washington, DC. He began emulating a close cousin six years his senior with an early admiration for percussion instruments, although his specialty is the Congas. Continuing to set himself apart, he has allowed life and those closest to him as fuel to create
beautiful music, inspired by DC locals like Mike Dean, Focus, and Dre. 
He has worked with up and coming producers Ryan Adams, and Billy Blass. Little known fact about this gifted producer, he has studied and worked alongside the greats in Go-Go music, and he also loves to DJ. He is happiest and most comfortable when he is on stage performing live for a crowd, and believes in allowing good vibes and energy to lead every performance. We are sure to hear unbelievable things about this producer, who knows no limits in his creation regardless of category, genre, or task. Get ready people!!!

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/Writazink?fref=search

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