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The Urban Influencer Radio Episode 24: Porcelan

Image: The Urban Influencer Radio Episode 24: Porcelan

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Hello! Welcome to this week's episode of The Urban Influencer Radio. On this program, our host Kazu will be interviewing a variety of guests and showcase new music that we discovered! For this week's show, we are very excited to have Porcelan.

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Host/Producer: Kazu (IG: takebreakkazu

Executive Producer: Marv Mack


Porcelan was instantly recognized for her musical gifts by some of the world’s most successful artists, producers and critics, having been approached for work with some of the greats including Timberland, as well as the producers of 106 & Park for BET. With her performance tour in China several years ago, she left an international audience wishing she would stay. Legendary STAX songwriter, producer, and executive David Porter recognized all of this early on, and the world will soon come to know… Porcelan is truly the next big female voice in American music. Soulful with emotion that’s piercing as an artist, Porcelan embraces what she calls “that magic” of early STAX recordings, and the raw Soul that gripped both the musicians and the singers during those ‘straight-take’ recordings in the world famous STAX Studios. She’s serious about her songwriting, and gifted with a versatile vocal range that’s been inspired by all of the greats of soul music. Porcelan is the essence of contemporary music, creating her own signature of soulfulness, deeply rooted in the traditions (and the vibe) of Memphis. Porcelan’s music on this project, always comes from that space. Get ready to be amazed…

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