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The Urban Influencer Radio [EPISODE 21]: BARACHI & Lindsey Guion

Image: The Urban Influencer Radio [EPISODE 21]: BARACHI & Lindsey Guion

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Welcome to this week's episode of The Urban Influencer Radio. On this program, I (your host, Kazu) will be interviewing a variety of guests and showcase new music that we discovered! For this week's show, we are very excited to have rising R&B singer Barachi and industry manager Lindsey Guion!

Host/Producer: Kazu (IG: takebreakkazu

Executive Producer: Marv Mack

New music we played!

V33 - Bad Bitch

About Barachi

Barachi Lucien was raised in the 7th Day Adventist church where he sang tenor in the choir eventually becoming a soloist. His mother, Sally, gave him the name Barachi (which means “Lightning of God”) from the book of Matthew in the Bible. His brother Asser (a painter) gave Barachi a guitar for his 15th birthday. The first song he wrote was a gospel offering but soon after he started writing love songs.

Self taught, unable to read music, Barachi developed a novel approach to writing. “I hear all of the parts in my head,” he muses. “I sing out the melody notes and the lyrics, beat box the rhythm, put it all down on my smart phone recorder then share it with my producer.” Barachi went through a few years of experimentation. Even while in college pursuing a business degree and the start-up of a small insurance company – money from which he funded early music endeavors – performing, composing and producing remained his focuses. He shot a YouTube video for an early indie foray into Trap/Hip Hop, “So Many Girls,” but anyone who can find it will see that he’s miles beyond that phase now. Following a period of obsessive focus and research into the art and science of songwriting, Barachi chiseled the broad reaching sound listeners are mesmerized by today.

“When I first started writing it was very personal,” Barachi concludes. “Now I cater to what I think the majority of an audience would like. Would a girl feel this if she heard it in the car with a baby screaming in the back seat? Would a guy be cool listening to this song with his girl? When I came to ‘Cali’ to finish Therapy, the atmosphere sparked even fresher ideas. It made me realize I’m going to have to do more traveling. It takes my writing to another level…and I do want a Grammy.”

Instagram: barachimusic
Facebook: barachimusic
Twitter: @BarachiMusic

About Lindsay Guion:

Barahi's manager, and in the past he has managed D'angelo and Ginuwine. 

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