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Soulful Crooner Avery Wilson Talks New EP 'FYI', Being a Lover, Expressing Emotions, More

Image: Soulful Crooner Avery Wilson Talks New EP 'FYI', Being a Lover, Expressing Emotions, More

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At 22 years old, vocal prodigy Avery Wilson has enough talent, fire, and creativity in his 6’4 frame to bring an arena to its feet and capture the hearts of fans around the world. A songwriter and self-taught instrumentalist (as well as a vocalist of stunning power and subtly) Avery, says one of his greatest goals is bringing real music back into the lives of listeners, and he’s equipped with the unique gifts to do exactly that. Growing up in Hamden, Connecticut, Avery has known how to captivate an audience since he was just a child.

Avery’s remarkable voice and engaging personality have already attracted nearly 5 million YouTube views, but he concentrated on Vine (where he had 3 million followers) and Instagram (where he has over a half of million followers). He’s built a collective online audience of 3.8 million across his social platforms, with the online conversation about Avery Wilson increased by a staggering 300% during 2018.  

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Breakin’ My Heart ( Pretty Brown Eyes ) @stokleyofficial @mintconditionofficial ✨... BTW JUST IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW MY EP IS DROPPING 10/26 Called “ FYI “ look out !

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Avery’s highly anticipated EP FYI released on October 26th. Check it out HERE , and also peep his Q&A with The Urban Influencer below!


As a child growing up in Connecticut, how did you know you wanted to
become an artist and where did you perform? 

I didn't know that I was into singing, I just started doing it and people were like wooooow. I was Inspired by my dad hearing me sing and seeing how excited he got. I wanted to do it for my Dad.

Did you ever consider playing basketball due to your height? 

No, people always told me I should. They would say, "boy you're a good height - you better ball!" But I believe in doing what you know and respecting the gift you have, and mine is music.

How have you adjusted to your rise in popularity on social media? 

No adjustment, really. People know me more and stop me while I'm out, but it's all love. My heart is big and I'm following my calling, popularity comes with that. It's all good.

What's your creative process like? 

Blunt, forward, and in your face. I don't write, I just freestyle and let the message come off the tip of my tongue. I think the message should always be at the tip of my tongue to give the message that needs to be received- whether its cool vibes, emotions, honesty or just how i feel. Music speaks to me, and I like to share that.

What artist(s) would be your dream collaboration(s)? 

Beyonce is the ultimate dream...she's the closest I think to Michael Jackson - legendary. Kendrick, Anderson .Paak, Chris Brown of course, so many. People that are really into their own shit. 

For all the ladies out there, are you single? 

Single as a dollar bill. I'm a lover, protector, and cool ass dude. Where the ladies at? lol

Tell us about your new EP 'FYI' (producers, writing, sound, concept, etc). 

FYI is the truth of my growth. I used to harbor my emotions, music is a way to let them out. I was in a relationship for five years so I speak on the ups and downs. I was left. I also speak on my journey in the music industry. It's allowed me to be emotional and speak my truth. Emotions are not a sign of weakness, they are a sign of maturity, so as a man, I needed to show them. 

Where do you see your career in 1 or 2 years? 

I see myself collaborating with other amazing artists, giving people the best of me. One to two years is just the start. Possibly, prayerfully eventually... Grammy's. Working and playing hard, but right now, it's grind mode.