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Sony Develops Interactive Hologram

Image: Sony Develops Interactive Hologram

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Holograms have long been the obsession of science fictions fans. With such franchises as Star Wars mainstreaming the concept, the world has been captivated by the possibility of real-time 3D projects. Sony has now unveiled a successful version of a full-functioning hologram.

At SXSW, an annual technology conference in Texas, Sony released a number of products and concepts from the Wow Factory, its Japanese Future Lab program. Along with plenty of personal tech devices, Sony’s big announcement was the showcase of a holographic projector that responds to human movement.

The technology operates through a mix of smart sensors that perform depth detection and motion tracking. Then, casting an image through a high-quality light source, the device allows for human interaction with the virtual object.

While the technology is still too early in its development and too costly to produce for the public, Sony believes it is a gateway to future products.