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Son of the 215: A Releases an Ode to Hip Hop with album “'Midnight Train To Philly'"

Image: Son of the 215: A Releases an Ode to Hip Hop with album “'Midnight Train To Philly'"

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Emerging from Philadelphia (Uptown / Mt. Airy) "Son of the 215" his name came from a mixtape crafted during the early stages of his career. He was known under a different alias, that name was used by other individuals so he opted for individuality. Son of the 215’s name  not only embodies a profound affection for his hometown but also pays homage to the musical influences in HipHop and the entertainment world. When asked about musical influences, he has various music artists spanning various eras and genres. With iconic acts like The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Prince, and The O'Jays. His musical palette also extends to hip-hop artists such as Nas, Biggie Smalls, Philly Freeway, T.I., and Beanie Sigel.

In his latest project,  "Midnight Train To Philly," he presents a captivating hip hop experience that gives the listener a walk through of the city of Philadelphia. This album takes the listener through the nostalgic halls of hip-hop, along with a soulful cadence and meaningful bars.This project was distributed via Equity Distribution, a branch of Rocnation, in collaboration with Freedom Thinkers Academy and his personal label Two5thteen, the album speaks about the complexities of street life.. Featuring collaborations with esteemed local artists such as Kur and Peedi Crakk. When it comes to Son of the 215’s writing process, it’s about catching a vibe. He has daily writings stored on his phone. However when he’s recording, he enters the booth and crafts verses on the spot. When he hears the beat, he pays close attention, so he can match the flow of his lyrics perfectly.

Whether it's for the club, the streets, or dedicated to the ladies, he trusts the organic synergy of the vibe to guide the creative process, ensuring the outcome is memorable. The most recent show he performed was at "Mt. Airy Day," a festival in Philadelphia's uptown area, where he served as one of the headliners. The turnout was incredible, with well over 1000 people in attendance, and the atmosphere was electric with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the crowd. 



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