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Singer-songwriter Gracie Laboy Shares Pride for Puerto Rican Heritage on Bilingual Single "Boricua"

Image: Singer-songwriter Gracie Laboy Shares Pride for Puerto Rican Heritage on Bilingual Single "Boricua"

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Soon after releasing her debut EP, Valencia, singer-songwriter Gracie Laboy returns with a new, empowering and sensual bilingual single "Boricua" that combines a reggaetón beat with the unique sounds of Puerto Rico's beloved native frog, the 'coqui,' and Gracie's honey-dipped vocals. The pump-up lyrics and sultry vibes make you feel somewhere between a crowded nightclub and an isolated romantic beach.

"Boricua" comes from the Taíno word, boriken, and is a colloquial name for a person of Puerto Rican heritage. 

"I love connecting with my Puerto Rican heritage, and am proud of being Boricua, so having an original song to show just how much pride I have means the world to me. Puerto Ricans have gone through a lot lately, with the devastation of Hurricane Maria and challenges to the economy, so I hope this song can be an anthem for Boricua pride and reflect the joys of being on the island," says Laboy.  

It was paramount to Gracie to make the track as personal and representative of Puerto Rico as possible. Her devotion and pride as a Latina singer-songwriter show in all of the details of the track, including the single artwork. The cover includes photos taken by her grandfather on the island in the 80s as well as photos Gracie took from her time in Puerto Rico in 2018.

Latin music has always been a source of inspiration and energy for Gracie, and now she wants to share with her listeners that same spirit through her music. 

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