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Sabrina Claudio Seduces Herself In "On My Shoulders" Video

Image: Sabrina Claudio Seduces Herself In "On My Shoulders" Video

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Sabrina Claudio is known for her seductive visuals that coincide with her equally-seductive sound, and her newest release “On My Shoulders" fits that mold.

Directed by herself, the video sees Claudio bound by her two alternate ego selves - it's creepy an enigmatic.  Speaking on the song and video, Claudio wrote on Instagram, “This was a passion project for me as I relate to this on a whoooole ‘nother level.” She continued, “Conceptually about fighting our own demons, no matter how tempting & convincing they can be, in order to believe that we are worthy of love. in other words, I got mad trust issues…”

“On My Shoulders” follows her previous 2019 offerings “Holding the Gun," “All My Love” featuring Wale and “As Long As You’re Sleep.”

Claudio is preparing to go on her Truth Is Tour along with special guest Gallant. The trek kicks off on September 21th in Los Angeles.

Watch the dark video for “On My Shoulders” below.