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Rising Rapper D Mitch Talks Rapid Rise with His New Single "Team Us"

Image: Rising Rapper D Mitch Talks Rapid Rise with His New Single "Team Us"

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D Mitch has the indie rap game buzzing right now with the sizzling hot rap track “TEAM US” which was marketed and distributed by TMG Street Pride. The song was well received at various digital radio streaming platforms where “Team Us” debuted the DRT Top 150 Independent airplay chart at #2 and DRT’s Top 200 chart @ #83 and DRT’s Top 50 Hip Hop Chart @ #24. At the time of this writing (early July 2020), the video has over 600k views on Youtube since it's release in January.

Hailing from Pine Bluff Arkansas, D Mitch started rapping and writing music at an early age. He later moved to New Jersey where at the age of 16 he became enamoured by the music of Jay Z, 2 Pac, Biggie Small and Nate Dogg, and he felt it was time to take a step into their world at stardom. He soon met his mentor Tony Walker who heads WWMG Entertainment and signed on to the label. 

With so much momentum mounting, D Mitch took straight to producing the video for “Team US” and shortly after placing it to YouTube the response has been overwhelming.   D Mitch sees his dream as a young kid coming true. He definitely will be one of the most prolific rap orators with the ability to write and produce songs that will display his musical skills and it can be assured that his live performances will just as splendor. TEAM US is streaming everywhere, on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, FM and Internet radio stations and social media.


Check out our  Q&A with the rising rapper below!

What was the main influence as a child that made you want to start writing music?

My main influence as a child in which began me to start writing music was getting my feelings out and direct my anger towards what I was feeling. This was a way for me to express myself.

Assuming you were old enough to remember, can you recall a difference in the music scene in Arkansas and NJ? What were people bumping in each location a and how did each location's music scene shape you as an artist? 

Yes I can recall the difference in the music because in Arkansas I listened to people like Yo Gotti , MJG, 36 Mafia. and in the North I listened to Bigg Smalls , Fab, Locks, and so fourth. Coming from Arkansas I related to Yo Gotti more due to the fact the area I was in was low class but living in the East Coast people was talking about the same struggle but in a different form of fashion. It shaped me as an artist by hearing both sides of the music which caused me to be more versatile.

What's the story of how you linked up with your mentor Tony Walker, head of WWMG Entertainment?

I met Tony about 7 years ago in a studio I was working out of. Tony was managing another artist at the time and he overheard the music I was working on and loved how different it sounded. He said I had a down south sound with an east coast flow.

What's the message on your new single "Team Us"? What inspired you to write it? 

The message on the song Team Us is me and my other half taking over the world. What good in having all this money and no one to share it with. The inspiration I got for this song is to point out how we don't give our women enough credit especially the ones who ride or die with us through thick and thin and I really felt the need to acknowledge the work they put in on my first single.

The accompanying video is inspired by the film Queen & Slim. What's your take on the tense racial things happening in the world right now?

The racial  tense I feel towards what's going on in the world today is all the racism is more upfront and exsposed.I feel that it  has always been around even to this extinct just without the visual that we have now and the so called leader of the nation doesn't make the situations any better.

Who are your musical influences?

My music influences are 2Pac, Big,Yo Gotti and Hove.

How would you describe your sound?

I wouldn't put myself in a box. My sound is based off how I feel at the moment when im in the kitchen cooking crack.

What are you working on? (Album? EP?) and what can we expect to hear on it? (concepts, features?).

The album I am working now is pretty much done but currently waiting on a few features that I cant name at this moment besides my two young guns Sunny Bad Ass and Mellow Groove straight out of NC. You can expect to hear a little something for the streets, for ladies, little something for bag chasers, and something for people who need motivation.


IG: officialdeemitch