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Rhino Records reissues historic albums for Black History Month

Image: Rhino Records reissues historic albums for Black History Month

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Black History Month is drawing to a close, but two Black History facts spring eternal. One is that we at the Urban Influencer celebrate BHM 365 days a year. The second is that music is and will always be the gift that keeps on giving.
In the spirit of both of those facts, Rhino Records has reissued a series of groundbeaking records from soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop legends throughout the month. Starting on Feb 5, Rhino Records, the label that is a repository or our musical history, has released a series of historic albums on consecutive Fridays through Friday, Feb. 26, 2021 as a part of their Rhino Black series
Some of the albums will be released on vinyl in a limited edition colored albums, while others will be released digitially. The releases started on Feb. 5 with blue and beige release of George Benson's groundlbreaking album "Breezin" and a purple vinyl release of Donny Hathway's "A Donny Hathaway Collection." The Jungle Brothers' "Done By the Forces of Nature," was released digitally on the say day.
The musical celebration culminates on Feb. 26 with the releases of
"The Best of Ray Charles: The Atlantic Years) on blue vinyl, "Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Kahn, Vol. 1) on burgandy vinyl and Lil' Kim's "The Nortorious K.I.M" on pink and black vinyl. Donny Hathaway's legendary "Live at the Bitter End," one of the greatest live albums ever made, will be released digitally on Feb. 26.
Rhino worked with Black-owned independent record stores to offer prints of alternative covers for each of the limited edition vinyl releases and they commissoned young artists of color to reimagine the album covers. Fans can visit rhino.com to see a list of participating stores, as well as testimonials from each visual artist about the way these albums influenced their life, art and outlook.