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REI AMI is ready to "Do It Right"

Image: REI AMI is  ready to "Do It Right"

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Making the most of her opportunities, R&B singer REI AMI drops her newest single "Do It Right" which accurately captures what makes her an interesting voice in the musical landscape 


Born in South Korea but raised in Maryland, REI AMI started getting traction in 2019 with singles such as "Snowcone" and "Mac & Cheese" which not only because streaming successes but led her to secure a spot actually walking down the runway in one of Rhianna's fashion shows. This momentum in multiple areas aligns with her character, as she considers herself a bit of a chameleon, doing different things and fitting in different arenas.


With that in mind, "Get It Right" shows her ability to evolve and change, yet sounding comfortable and fitting perfectly. Starting out as a ballad, AMI sings about the stress that can come in a relationship and trying to sort everything out. By the time the hook and chorus comes around, the pace picks up to a nice and melodic mid-tempo cut. AMI states that this song is describing what happens when you "question your words because sometimes we do that and that sucks, especially when it's coming from somebody that says that they care about you." Despite the sad undertones of the song, she, along with rapper Aminé turn the tune into a groove that you will easily sing along with.


With this latest single, we can definitely say that when it comes to a catchy and radio friendly r&b/hip hop collab, REI AMI is indeed doing it right.


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