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R&B Vocal Powerhouse Avery Wilson Pens Heartfelt Single "Smoke"

Image: R&B Vocal Powerhouse Avery Wilson Pens Heartfelt Single "Smoke"

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Vocal powerhouse R&B Singer and Producer Avery Wilson pens heartfelt single, Smoke. As a young Black man, Avery finds himself creating in the midst of the chaos. This track offers comfort through music and serves an act of resistance. In this powerful ballad, he makes it very clear that all Black people want is peace but we want all the smoke too. 

Written and Produced by Avery himself, this ballad exudes rawness and vulnerability of the times we are presently experiencing during the midst of a national pandemic which opened the door to a racial uprising with the heartbreaking murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey and countless other Black bodies taken from us all to soon. 


At 23 years old, vocal prodigy Avery Wilson has enough talent, fire, and creativity in his 6'4 frame to bring an arena to its feet and capture the hearts of fans around the world. A songwriter and self-taught instrumentalist as well as a vocalist of stunning power and subtly, Avery counts as one of his greatest goals bringing real music back into the lives of listeners and he's equipped with the unique gifts to do exactly that.  Growing up in Hamden, Connecticut, Avery has known how to captivate an audience since he was just a child.

Avery's remarkable voice and engaging personality have already attracted nearly 5 million YouTube views, but he concentrated on Vine (where he had 3 million followers) and Instagram (where he has over a half of million followers). He's built a collective online audience of 3.8 million across his social platforms, with online conversation about Avery Wilson increased by a staggering 300% during 2018.  


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