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Rapper DMX Goes To Jail For Tax Fraud

Image: Rapper DMX Goes To Jail For Tax Fraud

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Rapper DMX has recently been sentenced to one year in jail for tax fraud after pleading guilty to failing to pay any taxes for years. The amount he now owes in back taxes exceeds $1.7 million.

The musician attempted to earn the judge’s sympathy by lightening the mood in the courtroom by performing his popular song, “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood.” The song talks about his difficult childhood and how it prepared him for jail.

The song did not seem to sway the judge’s decision. However, the sentence was four years lighter than the five-year sentence the prosecution had sought. DMX’s bail was also revoked after he failed a drug test.

This charge for fraud adds to DMX’s past criminal record involving animal cruelty, drugs, and weapon possession.