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Quick Q&A with Reza Sarrafieh, National Director at Roc Nation

Image: Quick Q&A with Reza Sarrafieh, National Director at Roc Nation

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Formerly the VP of Promotions of Interscope Records for 13 years, Reza Sarrafieh was named National Dir./Radio Promotions in November 2019.

Peep our quick Q&A with this industry heavyweight below!

Who have been some of your mentors?

Garnett March  was my original mentor, Lester Pace, Greg Johnson and Lionel Ridenour have all been amazing men I have had the honor of working with and learning from.
What is rewarding about your job?

Making peoples dreams come to reality and spreading joy to people via music and entertainment.
What direction do you see the business going in?

The business is going to become more mobile and individualized than ever before and more vital than ever, too. With the division of politics and finances, the broad intersection of entertainment can still unify folks from many different backgrounds and beliefs.
What is some of your day to day duties?

Phone calls, emails, data analysis, strategic planning and lots of meetings.

What are some of your professional goals?

To extend the reach of minorities and unrecognized cultures and bringing them to the forefront, and most importantly spreading positivity.
Any tips you can give others that want to get in the business?

Don't expect an overnight success, not as an artist or as a musician. Most people overlook the fundamentals and follow through, that's the most important part.