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Quay Global Reveals Secrets To Success On Producer Grind Podcast

Image: Quay Global Reveals Secrets To Success On Producer Grind Podcast

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With over 1 billion total streams and multiple platinum and gold certifications, buzzing producer Quay Global takes a moment to kick some knowledge, reveal a few secrets, and share his story on the latest episode of the Producer Grindpodcast. 

He details his pre-success grind, chart-topping ascension, and how he navigates the industry. From when his mom was hollering at him for “making too much noise” while making beats and recording artists at his house, to signing with Quality Control Music and reaching millions of listeners, Quay remained steadfast in his pursuit to create trunk-rattling, chart-topping beats. Looking out for the young producers still on the come up, he additionally drops some gems for swimming in the industry’s shark-infested waters. 

You might learn something! 

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Quay’s production powers Lil Baby’s latest hit “Out The Mud” [feat. Future], crossing 21 million Spotify streams, and continuing an undeniable partnership between the producer and artist responsible for the gold “My Dawg” and eight tracks on Lil Baby’s platinum-selling chart-dominating debut, Harder Than Ever.

Be on the lookout for more new music soon.

Within two years, Quay ignited a new wave for the genre upheld by string of multi-platinum, chart-topping cuts by everyone from Lil Baby and Gunna, to City Girls.  Not to mention, his own rise and talents would be chronicled and extolled by High Snobiety, FADER, DJ Booth, Complex, and more. 

Ultimately, he set the stage for a movement. Quay vividly recalls a lifelong connection to music. His grandfather stood out as an accomplished saxophonist, so he spent many summers watching this virtuoso perform in Chicago, IL. Inspired by watching the marching band at high school football games, and under the influence of TM88, 808 Mafia, Southside, and more, he started releasing mixtapes as Quavvo Sinatra. Upon a serendipitous meeting with Gucci Mane that led to an impromptu feature, he ditched the day job and dove into making beats, landing his first placement in 2017 on Lil Baby’s “My Dawg”—now certified platinum.

IG: ayethatsquay