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Q&A With Rising Lyricist Kafar Myers + 'Hopeless" Video & "Self Privilege" EP

Image: Q&A With Rising Lyricist Kafar Myers + 'Hopeless" Video & "Self Privilege" EP

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Kafar is a 20-year-old hip-hop artist with great potential. His socially conscious style of hip-hop shined bright on his latest project entitled, Self Privilege which dropped in December 2019. The 8-track release provides thoughtful commentary on issues such as police brutality, social media consumption and poverty. Kafar's mature lyrical content is showcased throughout Self Privilege, but "Hopeless" manifests his self awareness with poignant introspection.

Although Kafar has faced many obstacles at only 20 years old, he's remained deliberate in his efforts to make a positive impact through music. Whether its organizing coat drives for the less fortunate or piercing souls with his spoken word poetry, Kafar understands the power of art.

Below, get to know Kafar in our Q&A, and also check out his "Hopeless" video and Self Privilege EP.


Which came first, writing poetry or rap lyrics?

Poetry came first. I started writing a lot of my thoughts on paper in eighth grade. I had no intentions of becoming a "lyricist", but it led to me releasing two hip-hop projects and three poetry books.

What inspires you to write?

Many things. Having the courage to be vulnerable with people is so empowering. It helps me and those who have experienced things I write about. As an artist it's my responsibility to speak truth whenever I'm using a pen or speaking into a microphone.

Tell us about the creation and inspiration behind your album "Self Privilege." 

Self Privilege is an 8-track project available on all major streaming platforms, right now. My definition of 'Self Privilege' is discovering purpose within yourself. I chose that title to connect with fans that embrace individuality. Self Privilege is their soundtrack.

As people we sometimes allow others expectations of us to impact the choices we make. Self Privilege showcases my potential and is a reflection of my commitment to the journey I'm on.

What's your favorite song on the album and why?

My personal favorite song is "10 Blocks" which is the last track on Self Privilege. It's based on a conversation with an old friend of mine who was caught up living the street life.

I tried convincing him to choose a better lifestyle, but he admitted to losing sight of his dreams. He expressed his respect and admiration for me because I've continued to pursue my goals. That's why I rhyme, "every song I make is giving him hope."

It gives listeners two different perspectives.

What do you think about the state of hip-hop today? 

I think the state of hip-hop isn't in a bad space. There's a balance. Every artist isn't Nas or Wu-Tang, but the melodic, genre blending sounds are a good thing.

Music is all about feeling, so if people connect with it that's all that matters.

What's next for you?

Continuing to evolve. I'm organizing another charity event, writing a short film, and releasing more music. I'll also be dropping my website within the next few months.


Get his poetry book "Soulful of More" HERE

IG: Kafar_Myers