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Pusha T Scores Lauryn Hill Feature on New Single “Coming Home”

Image: Pusha T Scores Lauryn Hill Feature on New Single “Coming Home”

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Somehow, someway, lyrical rapper Pusha T comisioned the ever-elusive songstress Lauryn Hill to feature on his new single "Coming Home" which dropped last week.

Known for his darker variety of drug slinging content, Pusha heard the Kanye Mike Dean, and Charlie Heat-produced track and instantlu knew it had to have a more uplifting message. “I remember having the beat and was like, ‘Man, I think this is bigger than what Pusha T really does. What he’s known to do,'” he told Rolling Stone.  “I felt like the track itself had a feel good music. It had that feeling to it. I was like ‘This needs to have a bit of a message to it.’” 

On the song, Hill sings, “When love is real, you can do anything,” and Pusha can be heard saying:

"You see they gave us crack, then started wagin' a war
Uh, all these lies, they steady tellin' me
Before Obama, we had Eric B. (Woo)
Or Tony Lewis out in D.C.
The 80’s kingpins, gotta free them
All these faces, they ain’t believe in
If no child’s left, then how can we leave them?"

The track was released as part of Push’s “Third Strike Coming Home Campaign,”which seeks to “free people serving life in prison today under yesterday’s outdated 3 Strikes Drug Law,” as stated in a press release.

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