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Poeboy K.P. Shares His Latest Album & Music Video “Lightskin, Darkskin”

Image: Poeboy K.P. Shares His Latest Album & Music Video “Lightskin, Darkskin”

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In the realm of hip-hop, there's always a compelling tale of an artist rising from humble beginnings. One such artist is Poeboy K.P., hailing from the small town of Gretna, Virginia. Now, he's making waves in Nashville, Tennessee, with his latest album, "Amanda’s Son," featuring hit tracks like "Kountry Boy," "No Motion," and "Ain’t See Me Coming," showcasing his talent and passion for music.

Music has been Poeboy’s focal point since the age of 13. Despite his rural upbringing, his love for recording music led him to Nashville, TN, where he aimed to build his fan base as a music artist and videographer. It was here that he began to forge a name for himself in the industry, driven by an unwavering determination to succeed in music.

Like any dedicated artist, Poeboy is committed to sharing his story. Currently, he's engaging with blogs to promote his latest music video for his single "Lightskin, Darkskin," featuring Nashville artist ReggieBDaBoss.

To immerse yourself in Poeboy's world, simply hit play and follow him on Instagram for updates and insights into his journey.