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New Music App "Like" Trending On Social Media

Image: New Music App "Like" Trending On Social Media

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People all over the world fantasize about what life would be like as a pop star in a music video. Now a new app is making that possible.

The app, Like, is currently trending for its augmented reality effects that the app’s creators have called “music magic.”

With Like, users select a song from a wide range of genres and create a personal music video to accompany the soundtrack.

Superficially, the app seems like a reincarnation of former social music video apps including Musical.ly and Dubsmash, but unlike these older applications, Like has seemingly endless effects that far surpass its predecessors.

Some of Like’s unique features include face filters, voice changers, animations, face swaps, and augmented reality.

With its easy-to-operate interface, Like is currently listed among the Top 10 on the App Store.