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Forrest Frank has made name for himself in the music industry. Frank is a singer, instrumentalist and producer best known for being part of the genre-blending band Surfaces. He founded Surfaces in 2017 with Colin Padalecki, The group debuted with an album called Surf, and a follow-up album titled Where the Light Is.

Frank released his first independent album Warm in 2018, followed with the success of Sunday Best in 2019 with Surfaces. After gaining a large amount of supporters on social media, Frank released his second independent album Effortless in 2020. 

In the beginning of the year Frank teamed up with popular artist Huvley to release TikTok viral song, No Longer Bound. The ChristianPop song geared towards the younger generation to inspire has an up-beat tempo. Shortly after the release of No longer Bound, Frank, released a new single titled Lift My Hands with a subtle beat. Listen to both songs down below. 


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