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Multi talented singer/songwriter Isa Reyes drop highly anticipated EP Bel

Image: Multi talented singer/songwriter Isa Reyes drop highly anticipated EP Bel

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Fresh off the release of the release of her lyrically imaginative single "Santiago" singer/songwriter Isa Reyes give her fans the gift of her excellent EP "Bels." The project showcases Reyes as a talent who is worthy of following in the footsteps of some of the great acoustic singer/songwriters while also being able to merge her intimate vocals and lyrical storytelling with contemporary production techniques that fans of contemporary R&B and hip-hop will be instantly familiar with.

The revelations on "Bels" are Reyes vocals, that possess a sweet innocence balanced by a maturity and control of her instrument that one would expect from an much older artist.

"Black Velvet" glides on a percussive funky drum and bass line that is counter balanced by intimate acoustic guitar work as Reyes tells the story of giving herself emotionally to someone who was wasn't in anywhere deep as she was. Reyes is self-reflective on both the title track and "Whistles." The former finds her attempting to make peace with her childhood, while the hip-hop influenced finds the singer/songer taking a self-reflective and appreciative look at the struggles on her journey so far.

Reyes says about the project: “Thematically, ‘BELS’ takes you on a journey of vulnerability, nostalgia, love, belonging, grief, depression, heritage, generational trauma, and coming to terms with the past. Each song is like a location and time in my life that I’m reflecting on or paying homage to. It is also an embodiment of processing for me. ‘BELS’ is the culmination of that journey, one that we are all on, one of the processes of self-growth and acceptance. For me, each track is a step into that process”.



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