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Ledisi scores again with sensual slow jam Same Love

Image: Ledisi scores again with sensual slow jam Same Love

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Ledisi has been one of the music industry's most consistent critically acclaimed artists and hit makers for more than a decade. She's been the opposite of Forrest Gump's famed box of chocolates - music fans know they are going to get soulful songs. They will hear a confidently mature woman's take on the issues of life, love, relationships and the state of the world today. They know that those songs will be delivered by an artist with impeccable phrasing who possesses a vocal instrument with deep and wide vocal range and who is proud to be called a soul singer.

Fans who purchase her albums or stream them can do so with the assurance that will possess a work that will carry the ultimate mark of critical acclaim - awards and nominations. That has been the case for nearly all of Ledisi's work, including her amazing 2020 album "The Wild Card."

"The Wild Card" is an unabashed soul album with ample amounts of funk, jazz, blue sprinked in. This project contains something for everybody. There are party songs, I'm over you songs and then for those times when the party dwindles down to you and that very special someone, there is "Same Love."

"Same Love" is a lush, sensual track that contains elements of jazz. The arrangement is big and bold enough to not be overwhelmed by Ledisi's power packed vocal, and Ledisi uses that voice to tell a story of two people who are of the same mind when it comes to what they want out of thier time together. And that's exactly why they keep coming back.






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