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Kobi Onyame releases powerful call for racial unity with My Prayer

Image: Kobi Onyame releases powerful call for racial unity with My Prayer

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Kobi Onyame's "My Prayer" is a powerful plea for people to look beyond the surface of racial differences to embrace the oneness of humanity. It might seem like the world we live in right now is not ready to hear this artist's message of racial understanding.

The message from the media is of growing racial and ethnic divisions, zenophobia and people being pushed out of their old countries and being prevented from going to another country because of hatred for immigrants. It would be easy to meet hate with hate.

But with "My Prayer," Kobi Onyame emplores listeners and the entire world to find a another way. A better way. The song, which is part rap, part chant and part prayer is a reminder that love is that better way. Kobi Onyame wants the focus to shift to God and the things that God has placed in all of us.

The song is a track from Kobi's powerful new album "Don't Drink the Poison." The accompanying video shows the artist heading to Cape Town, South Africa to link up with filmmaker TheseAreTheStreets. On "My Prayer" Kobi identifies the 'poison' as racism and the entire social construct of race that makes racism possible.

"The sooner we rid ourselves of the social construct of race, the better things will be. I say 'see no colour, in your brother' as a way to say the construct of race plays no role in the character and culture of a person".

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