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Khalid Performs 'Vertigo' for Vevo

Image: Khalid Performs 'Vertigo' for Vevo

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No way around it, Khalid has been charming everyone who has heard his music since the release of "Coaster," "Let's Go" and "Reasons." With the recent arrival of his 'Suncity' EP, the singer shows us that he's up for investigating all sorts of ideas. While they sound kin to his previous work, tracks such as "Motion" and "Better" look around corners, test new waters, take a chance or two.

Tucked away in an LA cottage,  Vevo X session caught him rolling through performances of "Vertigo" and other tracks (stay tuned - they're on their way). Backed by a luminous string quartet, this cozy approach gives us a great perspective on Khalid's newest music.

Watch Khalid's live Vevo "Vertigo" performance below.