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Kendrick Lamar Joins Artists To Preserve Concerts

Image: Kendrick Lamar Joins Artists To Preserve Concerts

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At modern music venues, fans are often caught more invested in recording the event than enjoying it, but the artists claim that such distraction is disrespectful.

Guns N’ Roses, Alicia Keys, and the late Prince are just some of the many stars who have denounced the act of filming their performances. Now Kendrick Lamar is joining the push against smartphones and calling for audiences to be more present.

The Grammy-award winning rapper has even barred professional photographers from entering the auditorium during his European tour. Lamar cites the need to protect his brand and preserve the integrity of his tickets as reasons for restricting technology.

Other recent pushbacks against cellphone usage have included operatic countertenor, Rupert Enticknap, stopping a performance due to filming, Jack White, formerly of White Stripes banning smartphones at concerts, and the band, Lumineers keeping the house lights up to thwart recording attempts.