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Jo The SunChild - Till The End

Image: Jo The SunChild - Till The End

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Pulsar Music Group's Jo The SunChild releases the Pop/R&B single "Till The End" which was produced by Baltimore-native Geri Nova.

The song contains melodies that combine todays EDM with classic R&B. Nova saids the track was made for an artist like Jo, as she has the perfect tones and power that can carry the song from smooth R&B to power EMD Dance. 

Stream below:

Born Stacey Joanne Graham,  Jo The Sunchild started singing at a very early age. Growing up in Gardena and Compton, California, from an early age, her musical influences where church and her household with multiple family members who play instruments and sing its no wonder how Jo became an experienced musician and creative songwriter at a young age.

Her debut EP titled "Light" features songs that were all written by her. The young composer writes lyrics that tell a musical journey and allow the listener to travel through each song hanging on every word giving a mental picture as you feel the music. 


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