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Jessame Berry Talks 'Body' Collab with Ajiona Alexus, Growing Up In a Musical Family, Forthcoming Project

Image: Jessame Berry Talks 'Body' Collab with Ajiona Alexus, Growing Up In a Musical Family, Forthcoming Project

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Pop R&B artist + grand-nephew of legendary rocker Chuck Berry, Jessame Raz Berry has been working behind the scenes for a minute, but now he's stepping out as his own artist.

The 24-year- old has been making music for most of his life, spending most of his time behind the scenes, writing and collaborating with popular artists such as Jafaar Jackson and Damon Thomas. His collaboration with American DJ duo ‘Lost Kings’ “Bad” saw tremendous success with over 15 million + streams worldwide, reaching #11 on Spotify’s Global Viral chart. Jessame is now focusing on his own music, crafting original singles with a unique R&B flair all his own. He released his debut single “Times We Had” in October, which was featured in the #1 spot on TIDAL’s “Rising: R&B” playlist. His latest work, “Body” featuring Ajiona Alexus was released in late February. 

The video for "Body" features a Bonnie and Clyde narrative. Ajiona, in an unhappy relationship, plots against her wealthy suitor with Jessame and the pair pull off a heist to take the money for themselves and run away together (below).

He is currently working with infamous producers Focus…,, Jean-Marie Horvat, and more on his upcoming releases this year.

Jessame recently participated in a quick Q&A for us. Get to know Jessame below!

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is something unique to me that I've spent lots of time curating. Influences of R&B & soul from my favorite legends, lots of live instruments, with hints of the upcoming urban culture. New synths, 808's, the experimental side of production that is unfamiliar to the ear, to which all audiences can appreciate.

How did the collab "Body" with Ajiona come about?

Ajiona & I got together at Jean-Marie Horvat’s studio, the day after I got back from my first tour.  We got to know each other & just catch a vibe at first. It was super easy to get comfortable with each other after sharing certain stories & experiences we could both relate to on the same level. We just got straight to work after that. 

Jean-Marie was played this one beat, and instantly knew it was the one.

Ajiona & I took a couple freestyle takes on the mic, found what we both liked, & wrote to the song.

Being that your great uncle is music legend Chuck Berry, and your dad 
is traveling bassist Al Berry who played for Avril Lavigne, it's safe to 
say that musical talent runs in your family. How integrated was music in your life growing up?

Music is literally all I know. It's like growing up in a village, surrounded with trees in the forest, plants, animals. Until you're taken out & shown the mountains, the beach, the city, it's all you know. It was & is my first love. I never had to try to be good at music, it's just innate, & that's what I love about it. My father played a huge influence in my life, being able to watch him in front of several thousands of people, & live his dream... it made it all attainable for me. It became a reality.

You've written and collaborated with artists such as Jafaar Jackson and Damon Thomas. What made you want to step out as a solo artist?

I think hearing repeatedly from my closest friends & family, "YOU sang this?!" or "this is YOU??" always made me grin. I figured, if I'm doing it for others, why not put music out for myself? Let people get to know me! I'm delivering records that I love, writing out my stories, my experiences, just go for it. Pursue it whole heartedly!

What can you tell us about your upcoming project set to release this 

I am making my absolute favorite music to date, & there's really no word to encapture the excitement I feel currently. It's something I know I'm being used for from God, or whatever you believe in, the "Universe" "Creator" whatever...

I am simply a vessel & blessed to be used as a tool to get these vibrations out to help people around the world. It's the best part of it all. 

Expect a REAL R&B artist...