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JDPL & Yogi Beats push it to the limits on Madness

Image: JDPL & Yogi Beats push it to the limits on Madness

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It's often said that music is therapy. That it can tame the savage beast. Those messages often refer to and are aimed at the listener. But the song and accompanying video for their latest single release "Madness," rapper JDPL and producer Yogi Beats remind us that music's healing effect works equally for the creators as it does for the audience. In fact, being able to use music as a way to offload disturbing throughts might be keeping some artists from going off the deep end.

The video itself has a forboding feel as the camera moves in and out and the lighting leaves the artists partly in shadow. The driving, deep pounding funk and languid saxophone that is interspesed with the scrathcing on the turntbable might remind some old heads of the kind of dark, psychological rap made by groups lke Three Six Mafia and the Geto Boys back in the 1990s. While the instistent growl/whisper of JDLP's flow give the song's music as existential therapy a sense of urgency.

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