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Jagged Edge Grants Wishes With New Video/Single 'Genie'

Image: Jagged Edge Grants Wishes With New Video/Single 'Genie'

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Atlanta-based quartet Jagged Edge is back with new a new video called "Genie", and it certainly grants our wishes!

New music from the group was in high demand ever since releasing the lead single "Closest Thing To Perfect" in the spring and following it up with a music video around summertime. The group promised to drop their new album A Jagged Love Story in July, but the July release of their tenth collection got pushed back according to the group because they were "working through clearance legalities." We still don't know the status of the new album, but the group has offered up a new video for hold fans over with "Genie."

The song is Jagged Edge new '90s R&B-sounding love song to tide everyone over in the between time. "Genie" is classic Jagged Edge with a contemporary twist (in production). The song features an interpolation of lyrics from the chorus of Babyface's biggest hit "When Can I See You." The chorus sees him promising the world: "I'd be your genie and I would give you everything," he sings. 

Watch the video below: