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It Gets Steamy For Teyana Taylor and Kehlani in "Morning" Video

Image: It Gets Steamy For Teyana Taylor and Kehlani in "Morning" Video

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As promised by Teyana Taylor about a month ago, she's released her collaboration "Morning" with R&B peer Kehlani and the steamy visual to match.

While Kehlani has been open about her fluid sexuality throughout almost her entire career, Taylor hasn’t made any statements about her sexual preferences, which of course, is perfectly fine as well. But on her last album though, she did have a song titled “3Way,” where she talked about having a threesome with a girl and a guy, and it's been rumored that she's no stranger to threeway sessions with husband NBA player Iman Shumpert.

Nonetheless, this current tune is undoubtedly about a lustful, sexual relationship between just her and another woman, which both the lyrics and music video clearly express.

The video begins with Taylor in a dark room surrounded by sexy photos and video clips of herself and Kehlani together. The red lighting in this starting portion really helps to set the mood for the rest of the song. As the music video continues on and Kehlani’s verse starts, the two beautiful women are shown together in a hot tub, caressing and feeling each other. 

This release is occuring about a year and a half after Taylor’s second studio album “K.T.S.E” came out and almost 10 months after Kehlani’s most recent mixtape, “While We Wait.” The latest single foreshadows highly anticipated new music for both of the artists, which they have confirmed is in the making. 

Watch below: