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Is Rihanna Hinting At New Music?

Image: Is Rihanna Hinting At New Music?

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Pop superstar, Rihanna, has created a firestorm of Twitter and Instragram posts surrounding speculation that she might be dropping new tracks soon.
The singer recently posted an odd Instagram photo that depicted two distinct televisions. One television was filled with static, while the other seemed to show part of a person’s body. The photo was captioned, “didn’t they tell u?”
Rihanna provided no comment on the mysterious picture, but within the following day she made a second unusual Instagram post. The grammy-winning artist released a silent five-second video clip that many fans speculate is a segment from an upcoming music video. The only caption to the short video was the letter "X."
The two posts have already been viewed millions of times and have many people creating theories about what they mean.
Rihanna’s last album, “Anti” was released in January 2016, meaning it is possible fans could see new music soon. Despite the suggestive Instagram posts, however, the superstar has not made any comment on the speculation.