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Houston Artist 10Plus Drops New Single "A Movie," Plus Q&A

Image: Houston Artist 10Plus Drops New Single "A Movie," Plus Q&A

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10Plus is an artist, producer and writer from the island of St. Kitts by way of New York and currently residing in Houston, Texas.

10Plus' versatility allows him to captivate his audience through different aspects of music, from hip-hop, rap, R&B, Pop, reggae and dancehall. 10Plus is not only an entertainer but an entrepreneur. His pizazz and upbringing allows him to blend into any situation, being movies, music or your day-to-day survival.

Check out this risng artist's new single "A Movie" along with this exclusive Q&A below.

How and when did you start rapping/making music?

Well, I've been doing music since I was about nine, playing the piano, then I eventually start writing soca music. It wasn't until I was about 18 I wrote my first rap song which had tight lyrics but a terrible cadence.

Has your time growing up in St. Kitts impacted your sound/artistry in any way? How about your time living in New York? Houston?

Growing up in St. Kitts was awesome: riding to the beach whenever me and my homies sneaked off, going to the mountain, just getting into island-trouble like eating sugar cane and sneaking into girls houses. As for New York, I always remember the sounds of the city when I was little and thinking to myself this is America, but Houston molded me into the individual I am now being that I spent most of my life here.

How do you describe your sound?

I think my sound is vast and multi-cultural. If you didn't know I was from the island, you really can't pinpoint where I'm from because I've been to and spent time on all different coasts; west, east south and abroad.

What’s your creative/writing process like? What inspires you to write?

I pretty much let the music lead me, I go with what vibe I get from the instruments and drums. I really write about what I have experienced throughout my life, and sometimes I take ideas from friends and family. But with most of my newer material, line-for-line I map my words and cadence out similar to a freestyle, but I strategically place everything to achieve the ideal, story.

Tell us about your new single “A Movie” ft. Alter Ego. (What the song is about/inspired by, how did the collab come together, etc).

"A Movie" is basically a walk through what me and my friends live, a collab with my self, my alter-ego. (We all have one of those. No one actually knows the real person we all are). We just need to learn and accept we grow and change each and every day.

Any other collabs on the horizon?

Of course I have collabs in the works, that's gonna happen regardless, but I am just focusing on branding my sound first.

If you could collab with/write for anyone, who would it be?

I would want to collab with André 3000, and many more. I chose not to name them because it's too many people to name.

What do you bring to the game that’s different from the rest?

I'm just different because I really don't have any boundaries and I'm willing to venture out into any and every genre.

As an entrepreneur, how do you juggle the artistry with the business aspect?

I don't, I just execute every circumstance accordingly because every piece links together like a puzzle.

What’s next on the agenda for you (Album? EP? Video? Tour?)

As of now, I am working on an R&B-type album, shooting random videos to build my catalog, and waiting to get on tour.


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