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Frozene Hayes Releases New Single 'Holy Ghost’

Image: Frozene Hayes Releases New Single  'Holy Ghost’

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Frozene Hayes, known by her stage name Frozene Lott Hayes, has been making waves in the gospel music scene, infusing her Wisconsin roots with the soulful sounds of Nashville, Tennessee. With her latest single, "Holy Ghost" (The live remix), Frozene Hayes takes listeners on a transformative journey. Originally hailing from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Frozene Hayes found her musical calling in the vibrant streets of Nashville in 2017. Drawing inspiration from gospel icons such as Pastor Shirley Ceasar, the late Inez Andrews, and Albertina Walker, Frozene Hayes brings a unique blend of reverence to her craft.

"Holy Ghost" emerged from a deeply personal creative process, evolving from a quartet-style presentation to a dynamic choir sound. Penned by Shaun A. Darling and produced by the late Dr. Derrick Lee, the song initially posed a challenge for Frozene Hayes as she sought to make it her own. Struggling to find her voice within the male quartet arrangement she turned to prayer for guidance. After a month, Frozene Hayes experienced a divine revelation, envisioning a choir-centric interpretation of "Holy Ghost." Collaborating with Derrick Lee and enlisting the talents of Nate Bean and 4G from Nashville, Frozene Hayes brought her newfound vision to life. The decision to transition to a choir format breathed new life into the song, infusing it with an electrifying energy that resonated with audiences.

In 2018, Frozene Hayes embarked on a live recording of "Holy Ghost" at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. The recording featured an introduction by the beloved Ms. Connie Denell, a prominent figure in Nashville's gospel community. Tragically, both Ms. Denell and Dr. Derrick Lee passed away shortly after the completion of the recording, leaving behind a legacy of musical excellence and unwavering faith. In dedication to their memory, Frozene Hayes has released "Holy Ghost" as a testament to the power of the Holy Spirit and the enduring impact of those who have touched her life. Beyond its uplifting melodies and soul-stirring harmonies, "Holy Ghost" carries a profound message of spiritual empowerment. Through this song, Frozene Hayes encourages listeners to embrace the presence of the Holy Spirit and become vessels for Kingdom work.

As Frozene Hayes continues to captivate audiences with her soulful sound and unwavering faith, "Holy Ghost" stands as a testament to her musical prowess and devotion to spreading the gospel message. With each note, Frozene Hayes invites listeners to experience the transformative power of divine inspiration and the boundless grace of the Holy Spirit.


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