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Flyte Da Don Drops 'Vow 2 Da Streetz' Album on 4/20

Image: Flyte Da Don Drops 'Vow 2 Da Streetz' Album on 4/20

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In the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, there's a rising star making waves with his music. Meet Flyte Da Don, known as Flyte by his fans. The moniker "Da Don" pays homage to the respect he holds for the business acumen and community involvement of the Mafia figures he admired growing up. Coming out of the 704, Flyte represents a city with great talent yet challenging to break out of. His music defies strict genre classification, blending elements of hip-hop, trap, and R&B. With a maturity that transcends labels, Flyte's sound spans various musical realms.

His musical journey is a tapestry woven from diverse influences spanning different eras. From the soulful rhythms of James Brown and Ray Charles to the raw energy of NWA, Tupac, and Biggie, Flyte's musical palette is rich and eclectic. While comparisons are inevitable, Flyte takes them in stride, drawing inspiration from the legends who paved the way. Anticipation mounts for Flyte's upcoming album, "Vow 2 Da Streetz," slated for release on 4/20. Promising something for everyone, Flyte will dominate the summer airwaves, with plans to flood YouTube with his dope music. 

For Flyte, the creative process is all about capturing "moments." Whether expressing his emotions or igniting motivation, each track is a canvas where he paints vivid pictures for his audience. From the highs of success to the struggles of everyday life, Flyte's music resonates with authenticity and relatability.

Beyond the beats and melodies, Flyte's message is crystal clear. Through his music, he imparts lessons on integrity, family values, and respecting women. Whether navigating toxic relationships or striving for personal growth. In Flyte Da Don, Charlotte has found its voice—a voice that echoes the streets, uplifts the community, and inspires listeners to embrace their journey, one bar at a time.



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