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Eimaral Sol - OTW

Image: Eimaral Sol - OTW

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Rounding out a fantastic 2018, which includes the runaway
success of the single “Y”, Texas-based songstress Eimaral Sol (pronounced uh-mare-all soul) ends the year with “OTW”, a song set in a third person narrative about cosmic destiny amidst the twists and turns of life “OTW” is produced by Jonquel, and recorded at Houston’s legendary SugarHill Recording Studios.

“OTW” is a mid-tempo ride chronicling the oft-common journey of a young woman determined to follow her path and achieve her purpose. With her child in tow, she navigates the highs and lows of existence while observing the signs of the Universe to keep her on track. Dealing with destiny’s yearn, the hardships of life, and even seeking affection, the song’s tale is vivid to the
point one could almost suspect the story was autobiographical.


Eimaral Sol is an artist dedicated to using her talents and passions to spread knowledge, love, and acceptance of others and oneself. With her music Eimaral Sol creates a cognitive experience for her listeners and allows them to feel free of judgement and social constraints.

Eimaral Sol is determined to use her platform to aid the progression of society and fulfill the vacancy for authentic soul music. If you enjoy the sounds of artists like Erykah Badu, Jhene Aiko, Alina Baraz, or Jorja Smith, you are bound to enjoy the sounds of Eimaral Sol.

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