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Ebhoni doesn't give second chances on Rep It

Image: Ebhoni doesn't give second chances on Rep It

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"Rep It," the new single from singer/songwriter Ebhoni, shows that she is a sister who knows her worth. And she is not about to compromise becasue the brother she is dealing with might be on the come up. The track that fuses rock guitar riffs with modern hip-hop infused R&B tells the story of a young brother who got a bit full of himself, tipped out and tried to slide back in once he realized that the grass wasn't greener.

The track is real, and like most great art, "Rep It" comes from a place of lived experiences. These last few months have been what felt the darkest time in my life, one being faced with a really bad relationship/situation and while I was in the midst of it all nothing made sense. “Rep It” is truly me reflecting on that relationship and making this song provided me with so much clarity. It is a reflection of that trash relationship and how I’d never allow myself to get to a place like that again.”

"Rep It" is what happens when an excellent artist gets inspiration. That inspiration might not always come from a good place, but the result is almost always good.

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