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Dino Soldo- "Fool Me Twice"

Image: Dino Soldo- "Fool Me Twice"

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Dino Soldo- “Fool Me Twice”-  As a programmer one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my day is listening to music. The challenge comes in finding that song the will wake up my listeners’ ears.  In a format dominated by saxophones and standard collaborations, I’m listening for that special song. Well, I was delighted when Dino Soldo’s new single “Fool Me Twice” hit my inbox.

Dino has played with everyone from Leonard Cohen to Lionel Richie. He’s a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist based in the City of Angels (L.A.). Although, he plays the saxophone, what makes him different is his play of the harmonica!  A musician whose range goes from the aforementioned Lionel Richie to Ray Charles to Chris Standing says a lot about his musical prowess.  On his latest single “Fool Me Twice” Dion breaks the log jam of sound alike with a smooth groove that brings a variety of elements to play. Yes he plays the saxophone  but the sound of the harmonica brings a new element to the song. If you are looking for a song that grooves and “fits the format” but stands out don’t fool around give Dino Soldo’s “Fool Me Twice” a listen.

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