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Diana Gordon - Becoming

Image: Diana Gordon - Becoming

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Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter Diana Gordon has released her brand new single “Becoming” today. The life-affirming song kicks off a new era for the visionary artist and celebrates new opportunities, success, work ethic and a chance to bring all her people with her. Last week, Paper premiered the official music video for “Becoming.” The track is available now via digital streaming platforms everywhere. 

“Becoming is me affirming my future success and celebrating how far I’ve come,” says Diana. “I’m doing a lot of self-care, I’m ignoring the fuck boys. I got about five real friends that I shower with love and I’m the glue that keeps my family together. I got a lot of work to do but I got a lot to celebrate too.”

The music video was shot by the multidisciplinary visual artist Maxime Quoilin (Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Justin Timberlake, Tom Ford and more). From the video’s stunning aesthetic, delicious color palette and power of female connection, every aspect of the video showcases and gives us a glimpse into Diana’s creative and artistic vision. She opens up her video with an unreleased interlude she calls “The Mountain Interlude”. A one-take cinematic performance sitting on top of a carousel horse in front of a breathtaking view. You feel every word and believe her when she said she’s prayed for a moment like this. The rest of the video follows suit. Diana worked closely with Maxime styling the video, dressing the girls from her closet and online finds. You can’t really go wrong with classic black patent leather loafers and white ankle socks. The cast, made up of her friends, beautiful women of color serving girl gang sorority realness in the chicest way. The rest of the video is an entertaining quality insight on who Diana is. A multi faceted woman, who unapologetically and consistently celebrates and lifts up other women. The video gives us a small insight to her references which include 14th century renaissance art to 90’s grunge and culture. Diana assures us with the song and video, if you were with her shooting in the gym, you always have a seat at her table.

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