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Birmingham Native, DJ Elboe Releases New Song “Run A Muck”

Image: Birmingham Native, DJ Elboe Releases New Song “Run A Muck”

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Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama music artist DJ Elboe, is a talented artist whose unique blend of "Ghetty" or "Soul Rap" is making waves. With deep roots in the soulful sounds of the '70s and '80s, Elboe's music is different from mainstream music. He’s influenced by legends like Curtis Mayfield, Willie Hutch, The Meters, and Roger & Zapp. His latest single, "Run A Muck," is a dedication to originality in the rap game.

"Run A Muck" is not just another rap track; it's a song of individuality. Elboe's creative process is a blend of his childhood experiences and the influence of the music that surrounded him. Growing up, Elboe spent countless hours scratching up his father's soul records which helped  him define his unique style. As an MC, his influences span a diverse array of hard-hitting and message-driven artists like Rakim, Geto Boys, Tha Eastsidaz, UGK, Ice Cube, and Public Enemy. The creation of "Run A Muck" was driven by Elboe's desire to showcase his true self as an artist, "When you hear my voice and my style, you should never say I sound like nobody but me,".


Elboe's music is what he calls "positive gangsta energy." "Run A Muck" is no exception, delivering a powerful message the track is designed to motivate and inspire, particularly those who have faced the toughest of circumstances. "My style songs cater to motivate thugs," Elboe explains. The single encourages listeners to have fun but also to take responsibility for their communities. It's a call to action to uplift and improve their surroundings. Elboe's recent performance at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, in March of 2024, showcased his ability to energize a live audience.  Elboe is focused to make a lasting mark on the music industry.


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