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Are the Spice Girls Performing at the Royal Wedding?

Image: Are the Spice Girls Performing at the Royal Wedding?

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Prince Harry famously fulfilled the dream of many 90s teens when he posed with the Spice Girls back in 1997 before a concert in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now rumors have surfaced that the group could be getting back together to perform for the prince’s wedding.

Mel B, also known and Scary Spice, recently hinted that the five Spice Girls are getting back together for the wedding. She later backtracked on her statement, leaving fans to speculate whether or not the reunion is happening.

When later asked about the wedding invitation, she said, “That’s getting too personal if I actually describe it. I’m not saying anymore. I’m gonna get fired.”

The rumors of the wedding performance also come just one month after the group released a statement saying that they are exploring “some incredible new opportunities together.”