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Anise takes full control on her latest single, Obey

Image: Anise takes full control on her latest single, Obey

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Anise took a road that has been traveled by legends when she decided to leave her home of New York and relocate to the United Kingdom. Many American R&B and jazz artists found that they could fully and freely realize their artistic vision only by moving to Europe, which she did in 2018,

We see and hear a young but mature and confident artist with the release of the song "Obey" and the accompanying video. Anise's vocal instrument is sultry, sensusal and sophisticated. "Obey" is a song that finds Anise freely mixing religiious metaphors to express earlthy desires.

Anise notes that it wasn's hard for her to find the connection between the sacred and the sensual. Growing up Catholic, the religious imagery was all around her and she captures the links between spiritual surrender often preached about from pulpits and the kind of emotional letting go that occurs between two lovers.

Anise uses those religioius symbols and metaphors to explore the beauty and power that comes when share intimacy and faith with one another.

“The song is all about the trust that comes with the deepest levels of intimacy - both physical and emotional/mental," she says. "When you fully trust, there's so much power in surrender, and submission doesn't at all have to mean subjugation."

Meanwhile, Anise assumes full control of this project from an artistic standpoint. Anise gets a co-songwriting credit with Alex Dopierala and Terell ‘Tee’ Farrell, and she is in full control behind the camera as director of the artsy and seductive video.




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