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Anise gives respect to the transfomative power of women on Black Eve

Image: Anise gives respect to the transfomative power of women on Black Eve

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Anise is a native New Yorker who crossed the pond and now lives in London in hopes that her full artistic vision could bloom in a place where people retain a deep respect for the kind of R&B and soul music that she seeks to make.

We have seen that move pay off on cuts like "Obey" find her lending vocals to a seductive and mature song about two people who listen to and act on the need to surrender to each other. "Kinfolk" is a bouncy, trap inspired track that finds Anise celebrating family and culture.

Now, she drops "Black Eve," a percussive track that honors the tranfomative ability of Devine Feminine Power to be the antedote and counter to the brutality, corrpution and exploitation that ills the world. "Black Eve" stands as a powerful song of protest that Anise penned in the aftermath of the tumultous events that have buffeted our world over the last year. However, she says that "Black Eve" is more than a song of protest.

“It isn't simply a protest song, but a prophetic song of transformation and resurrection. I wrote it as a way of coping with my grief and overwhelm amidst the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Elijah McClain. The song is a call to channel the Divine Feminine qualities of healing, compassion, nurture and light in response to brutality, as opposed to responding with imbalanced Divine Masculine energy (like unbridled aggression), which many of us are conditioned to believe demonstrates strength”.



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